I'll never tell you it’s a good time to sell:
I have no idea when it makes sense for you to sell. That depends on so many aspects of your financial and personal situation. If you decide to sell I can get you more for your house than a typical agent. If you just want to be apprised of current value I’m happy to provide relevant data as it pertains to your house (the market is different in each community/price range) with no obligation on your part. I also can introduce you to good property managers if you decide to lease your home.

I'll never tell you it’s a good time to buy:
Whether it is a good time for you to buy a house will depend on much information I’m not privy to. I can provide you with a lot of information to help you make a decision if you wish. When you have made a decision to buy I can maximize your interests better than an agent who sells 4 or 14 houses in a year. I’m also very good at finding deals and identifying which house might be a better investment relative to another, but I’m not interested in convincing you to buy a home.

I'll never put you on some automatic email list:
You will also never get newsletters from me. If I’m sending you homes for review you will get a personal email with each house or houses.

I'll never try to rush you into finding a home:
I respect your timeline and I am in no hurry. I’m sure you will tell me if you want to write an offer on a home so I’ll never even ask. When I’m working with buyers I’m indifferent to which particular home you buy...I want you to buy the house that makes you and your family happy.  I would like you to use me for your purchase and I know I can maximize your interests when you use me...but I’m happy with you buying a home next year instead of this week.

I'll never tell you I’m your one stop shop for all your Real Estate needs:
Not even close. You need a specialist for whatever aspect of your finances you are dealing with. I do what I do exceptionally well, but I’m not about assist you in finding a cabin up north, some land, a commercial property or a lease just to earn a commission. I’m sure I can refer you to a leader in other areas of real estate if you wish.