I take great joy in helping my clients with vendors and services that can help you in your home buying and moving experience.

All of these professionals have been vetted by me and are happy to help you.

I am as good as my partners and success comes from bringing the right people together.

Most Realtors have contractors etc. to refer to their clients.

My situation is a bit different. 

My resources are extremely broad and deep as I have dozens of clients using them each year.

I personally have written hundreds of thousands of dollars of checks to them as I have remodeled 8 relatively expensive homes in the last three years.

I don’t have ‘a roofer’, I have three roofers each of which is best for a certain scope of job.

I am happy to stay involved in helping my clients with any issues that come up with the homes they own, as well as, lending my expertise, contractors and what I know about pricing to my clients long after the property has closed.