My Advantages:


  • Remote viewing of homes via Skype or FaceTime when it's not convenient for you to be there with me
  • Successful designer brought in at my expense to help you determine if a house can be made to suit you
  • Architect brought in at my expense to determine if changes you want to make to a home possible
  • IR measurement device with me to get you immediate room dimensions should you want them
  • Bed template with me so you can easily see how any size bed would fit in a room
  • I don’t set up an automatic search that sends houses to you. The automatic search sends them to me and then I send them on with comments
  • If you want to see a home on a moment's notice and I'm on the other side of town I have systems that can accomodate
  • I can Video Preview a home for you and email the video so you can watch it in the comfort of your home
  • Contractors available to quote changes you would make to a home so you can have that information to make your decisions with
  • We can Skype or FaceTime final walk through with me in the home without you having to make a special trip
  • You sign closing documents at your home or work via mobile signing at my expense so you don’t have to visit the title company
  • You may (and are encouraged to) reach me at any time convenient to you


These next two advantages have nothing to do with me personally, but with how many homes I sell. Favor is often given to offers from agents who sell lots of properties.

During the course of finding a home and during the escrow, there are many opportunities for your agent to maximize your interests. Many of the issues only come up every few dozen transactions and they change so frequently that if your agent isn't cycling through a few dozen transactions a year they just can't be prepared for anything the way agent who sells dozens a year is. Experience matters, but selling six homes a year for the last ten years won't benefit you like selling 40 homes a year will.  An agent who sells 10 homes a year has the competency level one can achieve by selling 10 homes a year…and an agent selling dozens of homes a year has the competency level once achieves from that accumulation of experiences.

Imagine if you were in the shoes of the agent representing the seller and had an offer from an agent who sells 10 homes a year and an offer from one who sells dozens. You would assume the agent who is a top producer wouldn't be working with a buyer who might not complete the transaction. You would also assume that the transaction would also go much smoother with the more effective agent.

For these reasons, often, favor is given to the agent who sells lots of homes.

Magically, if there are multiple offers, producing agents usually win.